John Textor: The Man Behind the Magic

John Textor is an entertainment entrepreneur whose behind-the-scenes work ranges from the “Transformers” movie all the way to the holographic versions of both Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur. The company behind these creations is called Pulse Evolution and they specialize in creating human-like computer animations. While John Textor isn’t actually involved in the technical side of creating these animations, he’s the executive chairman of Pulse and is involved in the strategic planning of such creations.

Prior to becoming executive chairman at Pulse Evolution, John Textor was chairman and CEO of Digital Domain and Digital Domain Media Group. During this time, Textor oversaw the production of films such as “Real Steel” and “Transformers”. Textor’s leadership showed serious promise in 2009 when Digital Domain won an Academy Award for Achievement In Visual Effects for its digital work in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. Of the 80 prominent films the companies have created visual effects for, Textor has led 25 of them.

In 2012, John Textor relieved himself of his duties as CEO of Digital Domain. Digital Domain Media Group had been having financial issues relating to hedge fund problems prior to Textor’s resignation. On September 7, 2012, Digital Domain Media Group shut down parts of its operations totaling a loss of nearly 300 jobs. Just four days later, DDMG filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. This was done after DDMG defaulted on a $35 million loan. In addition to filing for bankruptcy, DDMG struck a deal worth $15 million with a private investment firm known as Searchlight Capital Partners. Following these poor financial decisions and ultimately the demise of the company and laying off of hundreds of employees, Textor resigned from his position as CEO of Digital Domain Media Group. In public statements, Textor has challenged DDMG, saying that the bankruptcy could have been avoided.

Currently, Textor is working as producer on the movie “Art Story” with former Disney animators Aaron Blaise and Chuck Williams. Given his previous track record as an innovator and a savvy businessman, John Textor and his team at Pulse Evolution will likely have plenty in store for the entertainment and animation industries in the coming years.

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