Jay Z’s Tidal Service Might Lose Beyonce

 In the wacky world of “show Business” here’s an ironic twist. Jay Z’s Tidal music streaming service might lose Beyonce, Jay Z’s wife, if an agreement isn’t met for upfront advances for the rights to have Sony music artists on Tidal.

Tidal was counting on funds from a deal with Sprint to help finance the advances companies like Sony and Warner’s were requesting. But up to now, Sprint has not made a deal with Tidal. Some experts have declared Tidal a big bust already while others have been more cautious in their assessment, although the early signs are not that great. Tidal claims it has 900,000 subscribers to date. Some think the number include free trials that might not be renewed.
Now Tidal has a new CEO who will have to come up with an approach to save the service before it’s too late. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital hopes it all works out for them on
  1. Miranda King

    Tidal seemed to have have a good marketing ploy by saying it would pay artists more than Spotitfy and Pandora. But Tidal’s launch featured already wealthy artists that didn’t really need the income from the service. This is purely what essay universe has been able to to accomplish for now which might not be as easy as it seems.

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