Jason Hope gives a donation of $500,000 for anti-aging research

Jason Hope is a supporter of work being done by a nonprofit organization called SENS Research group. This is an organization that has been trying to help humanity deal with the problems which are brought about by age. As we all know, as we get old, our bodies become frail. A frail body becomes a target of old age diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. SENS group is trying to change this situation by coming up with drugs that can reduce the negative effects of aging. Their mission is to see human being age gracefully without battling old age diseases.

SENS is supported by philanthropists who believe in the cause they are pushing for. In 2010, philanthropist Jason Hope donated $500,000 to this organization after realizing that they were carrying out a noble project that would save humanity. With the money donated by Jason Hope, SENS constructed a research laboratory that is called Cambridge SENS Laboratory. Part of the donations was also used to start a program that would encourage more researchers to join and help with their ideas. Jason hope was impressed that the group was trying to come up with an original idea that would slow down the rate of aging in human bodies.

SENS group centered their research work on learning how the normal aging process in human being goes. After knowing what happens as one grows old, they can then come up with the idea of slowing or stopping the process altogether. SENS would look at the degenerative process in the body which catalyze the aging process in human beings. Jason hope was concerned that there is a huge number of people who are dying in old age out of diseases such as lung cancer, and Alzheimer. If there is a way that these diseases could be kept away from the old people, then that would be a milestone in the field of biotechnology.

Determining the substances that cause aging and inhibiting their activities in the body would be a great starting point for this research. Jason Hope together with the SENS Research is hoping there will be a breakthrough in their research very soon.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is passionate about technology. He loves anything and everything about technological innovation. His work is to study the trends and advice the people on what to expect next. This time he is hoping for advanced growth in the Internet of Things technology and a breakthrough in the biotechnological research done by SENS.

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