James Dondero’s Contribution to the Family Place

James Dondero founded the Highland Capital Management L.P in 1993 together with Mark Ogada as an SEC-Investment Advisor. The firm has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Additionally, it runs other parallel offices in Sao Paolo, New York, Singapore and Seoul in Korea.


Asset Base and Sister Organizations

The leadership of James Dondero has enabled the company to raise an asset base of $16 Billion, making the Highland Capital Management one of the largest companies in the management of credit services globally. Highland Capital Management offers pension plans to members of the public, endowments, financial institutions, governments, and individuals in the high-income brackets. James Dondero established the philanthropic arm of Highland Capital Management known as the Dallas Foundation Inc.


Dondero’s charitable deeds

James Dondero and the Capital Highland Management supported the Family Place Legacy campaigns, which were initiated to provide for families in honor of the memory of Ann Moody. The James Dondero contribution to this initiative was the construction of the Moody Place, which serves 2,000 plus victims, with 13 rooms for emergencies, clinics, and dental facilities. Dondero made the pledge to contribute more than the needed $2.8 Million to meet the required $16.5 Million to ensure that the Family Place is completed. Dondero made history through the support he extended to the efforts indicated by the Family Place, which motivated him to extend his philanthropy. Therefore, he supported the final stages of the Family Place initiatives.


James Dondero has also made a contribution to the Family Place, which counsels families affected by violence. It has been achieved through intervention and proactive prevention measures. The initiative has enabled more than 250,000 clients to be counseled and the provision of shelter to more than 22,000 women and vulnerable children. All these initiatives are thanks to the great efforts put into the campaign by James Dondero and his entire team in the Capital Highland Management. Other approaches have been extended to support the counseling of batterers who have ended up being more humane by reducing their abusive behaviors. All this is attributed to the Capital Highland Management.

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