Impressionable Facts about Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and developer of DAMAC Properties, which is a real estate company. He has brought significant developments as well as revolutions in the real estate sector, and through the adaption of the modern methods in his firms, Hussain has successfully established impressive apartments as well as buildings across many regions in the Arabic state. Hussain acquired his skills from his father, who was an entrepreneur and through the selling of goods imported from China, Hussain got to learn the basics of being a good and reliable entrepreneur. He has always had a passion towards achieving the best since he was young and since the beginning of his career, Husain has successfully made the best out of his real estate ventures.

Sajwani has in the recent years been an inspiration to many people due to his great achievements. He has received a lot of accreditation from many people, and he was later listed among the top one hundred most influential businessmen in the Arab Emirates Gulf. The renowned real estate investor started his DAMAC investment in 2002, from a humble background when he purchased land in an underdeveloped nation in the Arab Emirates. He established lucrative apartments in the area and through this, he got to attract the attention of many people in the area, who were willing to purchase them. His business then boomed, and Hussain has not turned back, but he has instead done his best to grow his firm.

Hussain has always considered teamwork to be one of the bases for a successful business, and he strives to work together with other people to share ideas and implement them for success. He had worked with prestigious individuals like Donald Trump, long before he became president, and together they developed two Trump Branded golf courses. One of the Golfs opened in Dubai in 2017 at DAMAC Akoyes grounds, and the other one is due to open. Sajwani`s DAMAC Properties have grown tremendously in the past years and acquired over 2.3 billion dollars in 2015. The excellent leadership skills that Sajwani has are the primary reasons he has successfully established his ventures both locally and internationally. Learn more:


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