Ian King Predicts Bitcoin Becoming Normalized In The Future

Ian King is a financial writer and analyst who currently is a contributor to Banny Hill Publishing. He began his work in the financial world as a desk clerk for Solomon Brothers. Ian King then went onto work for Cititgroup and Peahi Capital. Ian King then became a financial writer with him focusing on the crytocurrency market. This is a new field with few established analysts fully understanding it. Ian King has come to prominence by using his knowledge of cryptocurrency to educate both professional investors and the larger public.

Ian King recently published his opinion of the massive gains in the bitcoin market. Over 2017, bitcoin increased in value fifteen times over. This is an unhealthy level of growth that has resulted in bitcoin having a market cap of six hundred billion dollars. The level of growth has led to speculation that the market will crash with recent volatility pointing to instability in the bitcoin market.

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Ian King argues that the instability of bitcoin is a sign that it is stabilizing to a real product that is just designed for speculators, those who don’t trust traditional investments, and people who want to buy products anonymously. One major change that more people are purchasing bitcoin. This number is small but the increasing number of people means that more businesses will accept bitcoin. Bitcoin is also much easier to trade than in the past. According to Bitcoin transactions used to take a long time with it being traded through exchanges that were prone to hacks and fraud. Bitcoin is moving to having reputable clearing houses that will increase consumer confidence in bitcoin. Better computing is causing the amount of time it takes to process a transaction to shorten. This makes a consumer more inclined to use bitcoin to purchase an item that they might otherwise purchase with a debit card.

Ian King also recognizes that bitcoin’s reputation has changed from a black market item to a real investment on This is a major change that will cause traditional financial institutions to include it in their trading portfolio. He believes that these factors will cause bitcoin to reduce in value as the result of the rampant speculation. However, he believes that bitcoin will increasingly become a stable investment product. Ian King encourages investors to not invest too much money in bitcoin while recognizing that it will likely outperform Wall Street.

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