How NGP VAN Is Making It Much Easier To Cut The Turf

NGP VAN is Washington D.C.-basedcompany which helps progressive candidates get elected in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. They provide their campaigns with software tools which help them organize, raise funds, and manage their social media accounts. Most Democratic candidates running for national office have been using the services of NGP VAN for the past decade, including both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as well as Bernie Sanders.

In addition to being involved in national campaigns, NGP VAN also helps local campaigns as well as local governments, nonprofits, and non-governmental organizations. With all this experience in hand they recently advised campaign staff on how to efficiently perform their cutting turf efforts. This part of campaigning is very time-intensive as it involves marking up maps and setting up walklists which can take a great deal of time.

NGP VAN recently introduced Distributed Canvassing which is a software tool which will dramatically help cut down how much time and effort doing a cutting turf operation takes to set up. It also allows volunteers to be more flexible when out greeting voters and answering questions about the candidate they represent. Organizing Product Manager Jennifer Willis has explained how Distributed Canvassing is already changing how a campaign’s ground game is conducted.

Jennifer Willis says that right now there’s a standard workflow most campaigns follow which is lengthy with seven steps involved. Distribute Canvasing chops this down to just two steps. It’s that simple. The first step involves setting the program up, putting what script you want to be used, and specify how many doors each volunteer should knock on. The second step is to create a list number. The campaign organizer distributes that list number and this tool automatically cuts the turn which is based on where he volunteer presently is.

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The idea for Distributed Canvasing was born out of an earlier app called Knock 10. That app gave each volunteer the location of the 10 nearest voters to go meet and greet. NGP VAN heard feedback about how this went for candidates and modified it to make it even better.

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