How Jason Hope And The Internet Of Things Can Change The World

Have you ever wondered how airplanes and airlines are able to function so efficiently and safely? Now, we all have heard the stories of customer service issues on airlines but that sort of obscures the fact that these are gigantic machines that fly through the sky — SAFELY. We can thank the Internet of Things for making this a reality.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and a futurist who firmly believes that the Internet of Things is the way of the future. The Internet of Things is defined as the way our everyday life interfaces with the internet. Airlines, for example, are abiding by this saying.

The Internet of Things is deeply ingrained into how airlines operate. From tail to nose we know that airplanes are interfaced with databases, monitors, and internet connected devices in order to ensure a safe flight for all parties involved. Jason Hope points out how the IoT is making airlines safer while also admitting that there is so much more to enjoy coming into the future. In fact, Hope believes that the Internet of Things is going to be the largest tech industry that the world has ever seen — in a few years.

Jason Hope made his name in the tech world as a futurist and entrepreneur who has always been able to gauge trends. His complete faith in the Internet of Things should make other smart investors pay attention. The Internet of Things is on its way so be sure to prepare for when it gets here!

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