How End Citizens United Is Making Elections Fair Again

The terrain of of the political landscape has been transformed significantly over the last few years. This is due to a little, or a rather a big ruling by the Supreme Court that is known as Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission. Some years ago the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that corporations, which are essentially businesses that are incorporated through legal documents have the same rights to freedom of speech under the First Amendment as actual living, breathing human citizens that the First Amendment was originally designed to protect. The Supreme Court case that is colloquially known to the world as Citizens United turned the political fundraising landscape into the wild wild west, a world where anything goes and anyone with pockets that are deep enough can exert undue influence on which candidates actually have a shot at getting elected to public office.

What the court case that is known as Citizens United did was allow groups that are known as super political action committees the ability to be able to accept donations regardless of who gave them those donations and how much the person or entity in question donated to a super political action committee. Prior to the Supreme Court’s ruling on Citizens United entities such as unions and corporations were not allowed to donate to political action committees at all. Those rules might seem like a drag on the surface but they were very effective at protecting the integrity of the political process and ensuring that things were fair for everyone who is involved. Under the weakened campaign finance laws that were introduced by the advent of Citizens United corporations and unions have now long been able to donate money to super political action committees (known typically as super PACs) in ways that have influenced elections.

The group End Citizens United wants to go back to a time in the recent past when campaign finance laws actually ensured that the process that is used to raise money to fund the campaigns of people who are running for office. The group’s goal is to accomplish this by raising money that can be used to fund the campaigns of political candidates who are dedicated to running on a platform that involves introducing more effective campaign laws that will keep the political process more fair for everyone involved and keep political candidates accountable to the people who have elected them. According to the news publication USA Today the group End Citizens United is on target to meet some very critical fundraising goals in its fight to make the electoral process more fair. The group was able to raise $4 million during the first quarter of 2017. This will put it on track toward its goal of raising $35 million for the midterm elections that are slated to take place in 2018.

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