How Alex Hern Built His Fortune


The tech industry has created plenty of fortunes. Alex Hern didn’t have to look too far to find opportunities for himself. His million dollar fortune comes from investments covering every sector of the tech world. From mobile devices to virtual reality, Alex Hern has a company making a profit. Entrepreneurs with his level of success don’t rely on luck to carry them. They have a strategy for every scenario, and they aren’t afraid to embrace the unknown. That approach makes it easy to create profitable companies in even the worst conditions. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg.

Hern’s first taste of fortune came from mobile devices. Today, we don’t think about the mobile devices we take with us everywhere we go. This was not the case a decade ago when smartphones were entering the market. Nobody knew which devices would succeed or if smartphones would fade away as a fad. Hern’s accurate market predictions led to the success he has now. He went on to invest in IPOs worth much more than the initial mobile tech company he started with. His reputation rose until it reached the point it has today. Now, he focuses his energy on developing virtual reality tech for the business world. Follow Alex Hern on

The future success of Alex Hern hinges on virtual reality. His new company Tsunami VR is trying to create a more serious image for the budding technology. Although there are plenty of gaming VR apps, there are only a few “professional” VR apps. The business world isn’t using virtual reality devices in any meaningful capacity. Tsunami VR is trying to change this with their communication apps. Most businesses use text-based apps for communication, but this limits the power of the message. Virtual reality will allow us to communicate in a more personal way. If Alex Hern succeeds, future businesses will communicate in completely new ways.


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