Hillary Comes Back Into the Spotlight

Everybody is growing up these days. A grown up Justin Bieber is set to bring a new album back to fans this summer. Miley is on the verge of new music. Ariana Grande is set to get back into the studio. Hillary Duff will not be outdone. She is another childhood star that is getting her music saddle back on. She is ready to ride this new world of music streaming and downloading with a new album. Some fans got an early picture of what the album title is through her super original idea of sending out balloons.

Balloons have always been a form of celebration, and what better way is there to celebrate an upcoming album than with balloons. This may be the first time that this has been done. That is the new wave of promotion though. You have to do the things that have never been done. Beyonce and Drake released surprise albums. Taylor Swift baked cookies for fans. Now Hillary Duff is sending out balloons. You have to be creative. J.Cole can bare witness to this. He actually brought his music to the house of a fan before it was released.

Hillary has been away for a long time, so Adam Sender is glad to see her back. It has been 2007 since she had a full album surface, but she is back. She is promoting heavy because some fans may not realize that she has returned to music.

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