Harry Harrison Barclays

Harry Harrison understands the world of investment. He has spent over two decades of his life in the field, including trading. He took the helm at Barclays Non-Core in London for three years. His knowledge and experience is extensive, backed by an education that is diversified. He polished off a BS in economics from the University of Warwick with a Masters degree in the Philosophy of Finance from none other than Cambridge University. Today, he makes his home in New York City. His dedication to investment continues to thrive as he provides consultant services to others based on his experience in private equity and venture capital. He’s also supportive of a vibrant entrepreneur, Amy Nauiokas. She has founded Anthemis Group, a firm that focuses on financial services that are digital, as well as advisory. She holds the position of president.

Harry is supportive of his wife’s company in a unique way. He’s running the home front as a stay-at-home dad as he cares for their two children. He’s excited to divide his time between providing services for entrepreneurs, pursuit of his own interests, and spending time with his wife. He has a firm belief in collaboration, humility, and diversity to help ideas to bloom. He’s excited about the connection between the Information Age and financial services. When it comes to his personal productivity, he’s excellent at prioritizing what needs to be addressed right away. His main goal is to move forward with obtainable goals on a daily basis. This requires the ability to focus and delegate. He feels that it is important to enjoy the journey on the way to achieving one’s goals. He’s taken up yoga at this stage in life in order to become more flexible and reap the benefits of meditation. It gives him the ability to focus and eliminate stress as he continues to focus on finances and investment.

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