Greg Secker’s Vision of a Better World through Online Trading

Greg Secker is an accomplished entrepreneur, foreign exchange trader, international motivation speaker, and a philanthropist. He is the founder and CEO of Knowledge to Action Group, a firm that oversees all his investments, educational, and philanthropic ventures.

Greg’s Passion

Mr. Secker has always wanted to make a difference to the world. Even when joining the Forex trading scene, he still believed he had a task to better the lives of those around him. It did not take long before Greg resettled to his home country, the UK, where he set up his first trading venture, Learn to Trade.

Learn to Trade

Through this platform, Greg imparted all the knowledge he knew on Forex trading through seminars and workshops. He quickly realized his two-day training program was making a difference in those who attended. Greg’s Forex trading students ended up making more money than those traders who did not take the program.

Knowledge to Action

Greg realized his true purpose; he had to take his idea global and help more people. It is this desire to make a difference in the world that birthed the global group Knowledge to Action Group. This organization encompasses all four 4 successful ventures Greg has established in his career. They include Learn to Trade (an online trading school), SmartCharts (a Forex trading app), Capital Index (a trading brokerage firm), and FX Capital (Forex investment service that manages trading accounts for clients).

Greg Secker also has a philanthropic foundation, Greg Secker Foundation, which is also housed within Knowledge to Action Group. Through his non-profit, Greg travels the world holding various speaking engagements. Many who attend his seminars benefit from his vast knowledge in Forex trading, business coaching, investment strategies, and even financial support.

Power of technology

When asked what he values most about the 21st century, Greg affirms that he delights in the power of technology. According to him, Technology is the main tool that has freed minds from the grope of mass media and enabled people to think for themselves. Technology has also provided a platform where people can collaborate and shares ideas, values, and principles that help shape their values and their economy.

Greg Secker understands the power of having a dream. Dreams are the source of ideas which when visualized can be actualized. His drive to better the lives of others has won him several global accolades and recognition.

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