Glen Wakeman Master of Business Transformation

Glen Wakeman, co-founder and CEO of Launchpad Holdings LLC, has worked in 32 countries during his 20-year career. He is a leader who has transformed businesses with activities including startups, integrations, mergers and acquisitions, and new market entry projects, all with exponential growth. Glen Wakeman shares insightful blog posts, inspiring entrepreneurs and practitioners to follow their dreams in the business arena. He is a mentor of c-level executives. His blog covers the administration of businesses on an international scale by covering fiscal matters and management strategies. His ideas about innovation, growth, and executive development are evident in his writing.

As individuals approached Glen Wakeman with ideas for their startups he saw that they had excellent ideas that just did not work for them. He wanted to get to the bottom of the cause of high failure rates and found the cause was ideas that were not well organized. It became his goal to help entrepreneurs who were in the initial stages of launching their businesses. Glen Wakeman wanted to help individuals turn their ideas into plans that could be worked to develop viable ventures. It was this inspiration that led to the development of Launchpad Holdings, LLC.

What Glen Wakeman’s company, Launchpad Holdings, LLC, does is provide chat sessions or meetings with entrepreneurs so that a business idea can be structured into a viable plan. These sessions are usually around 30 minutes each. They are invaluable at a cost of only $100. Mr. Wakeman is highly skilled technically and formally educated. He is a successful Financial Service executive and investor, the CEO of a public company, and a mentor. He is also a writer providing countless amounts of selfless advice geared toward administrative strategies and Emerging Markets. it is these markets that (Glenwakeman) has found to be profitable for him and he is willing to share much of his knowledge in writings as a blogger.

A word of advice that Glenn Wakeman gives is to know when starting a business not to expect to make a profit immediately but gradually you can achieve your goals.


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