Freedom Checks: The Real Deal Investment

Freedom Checks are payments made to investors by companies out of their income, usually 90% of income. It is a non-government program that comes from companies that run the manufacturing of natural resources e.g, metals, oil, and gas in the United States. Visit the website to learn more. These companies rise greatly and may gain as high as 39,382% in years to come due to the production increase in oil and gas in the United States and the great decrease of imported oil from the Middle Eastern countries.

Freedom Checks have invested in three metals that include, copper, zinc, and lead which make impressive returns noting that prices increase quickly attributed to lack of supply. Mining activities have slowed down considerably due to brutal market for several years. Further, many companies are shutting down and those still in business are halting or reducing investing as the money available is spent to cover basic operating expenses. Over the past years, copper demand has risen due to the production of electric vehicles, Countries such as China has a great demand for copper since it has a variety of industries. Read this article at Money Morning.

These investments were passed by a Congress in 1987 under the statute called 26_F that allow issuing of Freedom Checks and allow companies to operate tax-free as long as they become an entitled firm. Also, these companies must generate 90% of their revenue and pay all their shareholders.

Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs is a group of 568 companies that own and run metals sites and oil and gas wells. They make payments called Freedom Checks to investors and are either payable on a monthly or quarterly basis is known as distributions. Matt Badiali recommends MLPs because they are three or four times larger than average monthly Social Security payment. They have no age and income restrictions when one needs to collect the checks and one can invest in them through an online brokerage account.

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