Founder of Floresvale- Rodrigo Terpins

Brazilian based skilled rally driver Rodrigo Terpins is a member of the Bull Sertoes along with his brother Michel Terpins. The Sertoes Rally is challenging and difficult in which the two riders compete as a team against other riders. He is also the Founder of Floresvale- a friendly forestry company that offers sustainable timber production in the Paraiba valley.

The idea and will of creating an ecologically sustainable business emerged from having the need to supply certified wood to ensure a healthy environment. Terpins and his team wanted to generate a business based on ethical terms.

Terpins is a busy businessman since the nature of his business requires him to stay connected between the city and the countryside. Aside from business, Terpins and his family’s history include sports while his father Jack Terpins was a famous basketball player and his brother is also a member of the Sertoes team.

Founded in 2009, Floresvale currently has 90 employees that work directly to increase the wood processing industry in Brazil. From planting to the development and thinning to pruning, the company ensures minimum technology is used during the process that yields a greater output of product.

Rodrigo Terpins wants to increase local job opportunities by improving the business. His entrepreneurial side demands him to stay up to date with all the marketing and consumer trends happening all over the world. Currently, his goal is to eliminate all sorts of doubts from the minds of people who are conscious about the physical environment and the raw material used in the making of furniture supplies.

He initially started his company by acquiring the forests rather than planting forests from scratch which was a good start. Terpins suspects that investing in Cannabis and more in research about this business could lead to a better future for the entrepreneurs.

He realizes that even after his busy schedule, little things matter to him as he likes spending quality time with kids or taking them to the barber shop. Terpins also appreciates technology as he uses Google Earth to locate the forests and Google Maps to find the best possible routes.


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