Flávio Maluf: Opinion On Tax Incentives and Their Effect on Business

Flavio Maluf is a revered executive and great academician with extensive knowledge in various industries. He is the head of Eucatex, where he is the chief executive officer and director of general operations. He joined the company in 1987. Since then, he’s been operating in numerous industries. He gives insight to various business conditions including the recent tax proposal in which he says that business professionals need to be included to tax incentives. According to Flavio Maluf, many entrepreneurs in Brazil discover that growing a business is a daunting task. High taxes make it almost impossible to be successful since the government demands a high percentage. He thinks that it’s possible to be successful when business professionals utilize tax incentives. The primary purpose of fiscal incentive laws is providing businesses with opportunities to utilize taxes in scientific endeavors, healthcare programs and social as well as cultural events. In this manner, the taxes are still utilized by the government. Visit their website to learn more.

Leadership in Business

Flavio Maluf has been operating Eucatex for decades. He has established a name for himself and the business as one of the leading organizations in the building and construction business. Under his tenure, the company has invested in various sectors including furniture making which was an unprecedented move that the company used to expand its horizons beyond manufacturing. The industrial revolution did not stop since through Maluf the company resorted to using raw materials to grow its portfolio.

Flávio Maluf Delves Into New Investment Frontiers

Guided by the expanding popularity of technology, Maluf believes that businesses have the opportunity to utilize modern technology to their advantage. He also believes that young generations can utilize innovative technologies in their businesses. Today, Flavio Maluf is admired for his tremendous input in business. He is a role model to the millennials and upcoming business professionals.

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