Exciting New Real Estate Plans are Happening in New York

NYC luxury real estate has always been a very high commodity. Because the city is compact and already developed, it is rare that new buildings exist in any parts of the city. This is because buildings already exist on a majority of the city’s land. However, many real estate developers are finding ways to build within the limited amount of space. In addition, the erection of new buildings takes place by demolishing older buildings on the same site. This gives those areas an upgrade and improves areas were not kept up and have become run down. This improves both the city, its boroughs and the economy.

In a recent article in The Real Deal, 10 new real estate projects have been announced in Staten Island, Manhattan, the Bronx. and Brooklyn. Many of the new buildings will be very large in size and worth a substantial amount of money. The new developments will include residential, retail, educational and community living spaces. This is a good expansion for New York City and its boroughs. Some of the building projects will result from the use of current buildings as well as the removal of some old buildings. This allows for all new building construction on the previously occupied sites.

At 27 West Street in Brooklyn, a new rental property on the Greenpoint waterfront is going to be built by Halcyon Management. The building will be 19 stories high. It will have 234 residential rental units. In addition, there will also be a 3,836 square foot community living space. On the ground floor will be 5,839 square feet of available retail space. Plans parking garage with 120 parking spaces is also part of the construction plans. There is currently a warehouse on the site. A request to demolish the warehouse is necessary so that new construction can begin.

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