Eric Pulier: Man on a Mission

Some people are destined to do great things, and there are many brilliant minded individuals in every field of work. The technology industry is one of the most fascinating and popular industries in the world. This is the “digital age” and technology is the main weapon of choice. Eric Pulier is one of these brilliant minded individuals as this guy has a commanding presence across this field. The Teaneck, New Jersey, native has always been a bit different since a young age. In just the fourth grade, he programmed his very first computer. After high school, Harvard University was his next stop. Despite his love for technology, his major was in English & American literature. He even found time to take classes at MIT. He had more than a full schedule to deal with, but it was his strong passion that helped allowed to excel. In 1988, he graduated Magna Cum Laud.

Pulier would take his talents to California in 1991, and this is when his professional career took off. Technology was his heart and soul, but he found a way to implement this passion into his brilliant technological ideas. Right out the gate, Pulier founded a company that was named People Doing Things. This company used technology to find solutions in the healthcare and education field. By this point in time, his name had began to ring within the industry. He also helped to build one of the first private social media networks. Starbright World was a hit as it connected thousands of chronically ill children via blog, chat and post. The ball was finally in his hands, and he certainly delivered throughout the years. Pulier has founded over 15 companies throughout his career. This includes Desktone Inc., XPRIZE, Service Mesh Inc., Akana Software and many more.

Being such a tech master, he has invested in numerous technological start-up companies. Many of these companies have gone on to become a success in their own right. The guy just has that magic touch and as of today, he’s a loving father of four who resides in Southern California.

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