Entrepreneurial LessFs from Paul Herdsman

While business can be quite rewarding after it has been established, it is factual that maintaining a healthy empire can be a daunting task. For that reason, entrepreneurs need the input of a man like Paul Herdsman in order to successfully set up a business empire. With that said, as the chief operating officer of one of the leading companies that offer business solutions, NICE Global, Paul Herdsman often offers insight in regard to the right channels to follow in order for entrepreneurs to succeed in business. Read more about Paul’s business strategies in his 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman.


Herdsman who was born in Jamaica’s Montego Bay established this company after a series of soul searching and establishing that entrepreneurs could do with his services. From the look at his career and how it has evolved over the years, it is clear that he had no experience in building a company from scratch. However, he managed to do it and as of now, he prides himself in being an employer to thousands of needy individuals.


NICE Global and what it does


When it comes to offering clients business solutions, NICE Global is the right place to look into. Paul Herdsman has established the company on the sole purpose of helping companies to retain clients alongside boosting their revenue. Moreover, this company provides customer service outsourcing based on technical support and major email services. In addition, NICE Global handles company sales and cross selling.


Additional Services


Besides the mentioned services, NICE Global helps companies to deal with client’s complaints. Since it has been proven that most of the time companies hate to get into wrangles with clients, NICE Global has decided to be the channel for communication when the two are at loggerheads. This has often been achieved by their ability to provide communication services alongside ensuring that the company’s clients receive live operator services at every instance that they make a call. Paul Herdsman says that for a company to succeed, the following should be incorporated;


Create Culture


If you want to succeed as a company or business, create a healthy working environment for your employees. You must understand that the success of your company depends on how they treat your clients and only happy clients can be retained.


Hiring In the Players


For you to succeed, you have to hire an individual that focuses on supplying the demands of clients. Smart businesses offer their employees proper training alongside coaching prior to joining the already existing staff.


The Observation


Of course, NICE Global would be nothing without the impact of a great leader on board. Paul Herdsman is the brain behind the operations of this company and he has often worked hard to ensure that all companies are pleased by their client’s feedback. Moreover, Paul Herdsman has created a happy working culture at work and this has intensely contributed to the development of his company.


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