End Citizens United Stands Behind Molly Kelly In Governor Race.

End Citizens United is a grassroots campaign that is absolutely dedicated to rooting out dark money and special interests in the political world of Washington D.C. Led by PAC President Tiffany Mueller, End Citizens United has been uniquely focused on inspiring progressive candidates to reject dark money and corporate donations during their election campaigns for the upcoming 2018 November Midterms. Progressives have been rallying around campaign finance reform in a big way and the team at ECU have been able to help prop up several candidates as well. Now, End Citizens United, or ECU, is focused on supporting Molly Kelly as she runs for governor in New Hampshire. Read this article at Chronicle of Week

Molly Kelly is a Democratic candidate for the governorship of New Hampshire. A career progressive, Kelly has gone on the record to refuse any corporate donations to her campaign. Kelly has been effusive in her willingness to fight for campaign finance reform and her fiery brand of progressivism immediately caught the attention of End Citizens United. Mueller was quick to throw the weight of her grassroots PAC behind Kelly’s race as she seeks to take out Republican Governor Chris Sununu. Governor Sununu, like literally every other conservative politician, is against campaign finance reform and has his palms out for donations from any major corporate donor. Kelly specifically wants to address the policies that have allowed people like Sununu to profit and prosper so much.

The team at End Citizens United knows that they have a ton of work ahead of them but it is important for the PAC to focus on issues at both the state and federal level. Mueller effectively communicated the importance of their stance while praising Kelly for the work that she has been doing. Muller called Washington D.C. ‘mired in gridlock’ and subservient to ‘special interests’. The endorsement of candidate Kelly looks to swing the pendulum of enthusiasm back toward American voters who want their voices to be heard rather than ignored by the government. Kelly and ECU have a tough race ahead of them but the work that they are doing is important and will have a long-lasting impact around the world.

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