Drew Madden and His Notable Contributions in Healthcare

With some health issues becoming more and more complicated, it requires the intervention of healthcare IT to help in treating some health conditions. That is why many IT healthcare startups are coming up to help in this area. Without the intervention of IT in healthcare, some diseases could be difficult to treat. One person who has invested in this field is Drew Madden of Evergreen Healthcare Partners. The company is a healthcare IT firm focused on providing advisory services and implementation of multiple enterprise EHR platforms and other specialized healthcare applications.

Evergreen Healthcare Partners offers edge-cutting healthcare expertise to various healthcare organizations across the country. The company which is based in Madison, Wisconsin provides a crucial platform for patients to communicate with their doctors as well as share information about their health. The concept behind Evergreen Healthcare is to create a variety of technologies to help in the storage, sharing and the analysis of health and patient information.

Drew Madden formerly worked as the President of Nordic Consulting Partners between 2011 and 2016. Nordic is the largest Epic consulting firm. Under his leadership, the company won quite a number of prizes including the KLAS awards due to its consulting excellence. Receiving the award on behalf of the company, Drew said that he is very passionate about healthcare IT and has spent many years collaborating with the best and cleverest in this industry. This is to implement, troubleshoot, and optimize the complex challenges facing EMR projects.

He managed to grow Nordic from just a startup with only ten employees to the leading consulting firm with over 725 employees. Drew also increased the company’s revenues from just $1 million to $130 million during his tenure. Mr. Drew Madden has also worked in other different companies including Ingenix as an Epic consultant and business developer. His career in healthcare started at Cerner Corporation. Drew was the Senior Epic Consultant at Healthia Consulting between 2006 and 2010.

His long experience in healthcare entrepreneurship in addition to his education has been his driving force in finding the best healthcare IT solutions. Mr. Drew Madden has an Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Iowa majoring in Medical Systems.

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