Dr. Mark McKenna On Building Medical Aesthetic Business

Medical doctor Mark McKenna graduated from the Tulane University Medical School. The doctor who hails from New Orleans L.A also runs and owns McKenna Venture Investments, a real estate development firm. The firm has acquired other companies over the years which are Uptown Title and Universal Mortgage Lending. These companies focused on real estate’s closing services, finance, and design -building. Dr. McKenna currently owns and runs OVME. In a recent interview, Dr.Mckenna explained that the medical aesthetic company came to life due to his many years of working in a medical aesthetics industry.

OVME provides medical services that reinvent healthcare through consumer-facing and technology.Dr. McKenna reviled that he sets goals regularly and does a lot of meditation while bringing his ideas to life. He attributes his growth in business to the fact that he always keeps people who are smarter than he is in his close social circle. Dr. McKenna briefly explained how his typical day looks. From the explanation, the Dr. puts in a lot of hours in ensuring that OVME runs successfully. The passion for his business evidently plays out through the hours, dedication and commitment he puts into it. The doctor has always been in entrepreneurship and cannot recall a single day he disliked what he does. Dr. McKenna admits that being a voracious leader has increased his levels of productivity. He is fascinated by the decline of the number of people who smoke in the country. Dr. McKenna stresses the importance of taking time while discovering your passion. He advises that speed without direction becomes useless. For anyone working to reach their maximum potential, moving becomes necessary as it helps you find out the things that excite you.

Dr. Mark McKenna is not only a professionally reputable doctor, but also a husband to Gianine McKenna and a father to a beautiful daughter called Milana Elle. Dr. McKenna’s proficiency is well known as he a licensed doctor who specializes in surgery and medicine. His enthusiasm for the community is remarkable .Dr. McKenna currently operates in Atlanta GA. He previously held the position of National Medical Director in his own company named Life Time Fitness Inc. He is currently part of Entrepreneurs Organization.

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