Doug Levitt Takes The Live Version Of ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ On The Road

Artist and performer Doug Levitt has recently continued his seemingly nonstop tour of the U.S. that forms the basis of ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ he has developed over the course of the 21st century that he embarked on in 2005. The success Doug has found as an artist has seen him perform at the Woody Guthrie Center, the Southern Poverty Law Center and many other iconic venues; a former TV news correspondent, Doug Levitt discussed how discovering the true level of poverty in the U.S. even before the 2008 economic downturn inspired him to develop ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ as an artistic project.


In discussing his work on ‘The Greyhound Diaries’, the Cornell University and London School of Economics graduate has often explained his view of life as changing when he stepped out of the major metropolitan areas of the U.S. that are often the focus for major news organizations; Levitt had already become a familiar face for many after working as a London based foreign correspondent for ABC, CNN, and NBC.


Having covered over 120,000 miles over more than a decade traveling by bus throughout the U.S. the Washington D.C. born artist has created more than 20,000 images from his travels that he admits opened his own eyes to the realities of life for millions of people across the nation. Poverty is a subject Doug Levitt believes is not one of the popular ones for news organizations to report on and feels his work plays an important role in recording the effects of the financial mismanagement of the U.S. economy prior to 2008; the bus journey’s Doug Levitt has embarked on have shown him that for many the effects of the recession of the early 21st century are still being felt.


Levitt continues to travel by bus looking for more stories to add to ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ and feels inspiration comes to him from the pioneering work of social commentators and artists of the 1930s. As the poverty rate continues to grow in the U.S., Doug Levitt continues to perform live and produce podcasts to show what life is really life living below the poverty line.

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