Don Ressler- Changing the World through Fabletics

Yoga pants have increasingly become popular all over the world as more people embrace health and fitness. This has led to a booming business especially when it comes to getting appropriate workout attires at In fact, research shows that athletic wear is multibillion-dollar industry, a trend that is likely to continue even in the coming years. Getting the right attire for working out is now more than just being fancy.

The launch of Fabletics in 2013 was a move to fit in a niche that was quickly becoming crowded yet the needs of customers were not sufficiently met. Fabletics provide a unique brand for the much-needed active wear on It offers an opportunity for everyone to get affordable, good quality sportswear that was only available to the wealthy since the price was too high. Fabletics leverages the playing field and gives everyone an opportunity to work out in the best attires that goes a long way in boosting confidence when exercising. The founder of Fabletics Kate Hudson has made working out fashionable and accessible to many.

Fabletics is part of Justfab brand portfolio. Justfab is the leading fashion subscription e-commerce site that has been on the market with an estimated 500 million dollars in yearly sales. Fabletics makes 30% of these sales, which is quite impressive considering that it has just been on the market for two years. Don Ressler, the CEO and founder of Justfab explains the next move with this active wear brand.

Don Ressler is famed for having an eye to spot excellent brands with the potential to grow and become something within no time. He has expertise in developing such brands into world leading and industry breaking brands. He came into Fabletics because of the passion that he shares with his wife, Ginger. According to, they tapped into the market of athletic wear because they live in them since they have been athletes since their college days. While it was possible to find excellent yoga pants and matching shirts, most were not fashion sensible and were very expensive. Don Ressler came together with his partner Adam Goldenberg and mapped out the potential of this industry which led to them joining faces with Kate Hudson, the owner of Fabletics. During the first meeting with Kate, Don Ressler knew that Fabletics was the active-wear brand that would make an impact in the world.

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