Doe Deere, The Entrepreneurial Brains Behind Lime Crime The All Vegan Makeup Line.

Doe Deere, real name Xenia Vorotova, is the entrepreneurial brains behind all vegan and cruelty-free make up Line known as Lime Crime. The new mom has journeyed from humble beginnings almost 10 years ago when Lime Crime was created to a now multi-million-dollar makeup line. This line has a snazzy branding involving unicorns, rainbows, and sparkles. Deere’s branding of Cruelty-Free and Vegan make-up has a prolific place in today’s millennia makeup marketplace. Lime Crime is sought after many who are looking for an alternative to animal testing in skin care and beauty products which is on the rise. Deere has kept the brand and all that stands behind it, very close to her personal values over the highs and lows of business over the years. Although not easy, the line has managed to overcome many obstacles and trials resulting in its prosperous presence from resilience in today’s market.

Considering Deere’s entrepreneurial gene’s, to no surprise she also has a jewelry line that is produced from her new fashion brand called Poppyangeloff. Popyangeloff will be sold only in an online boutique with a strong digital presence. Doe Deere plans to create a unique and exclusive line of jewelry for the new brand giving customers tons of options and creating that “IT” factor as so before with Lime Crime. The online jewelry boutique currently can only be accessed with a key.

Deere can be considered as a serial entrepreneur who doesn’t stop at anything to bring her dreams and visions to a reality. Her branding embodies all that she stands and dreams to have the world see through her eyes having a piece of Deere’s vision in a creative product to call their own. You can enjoy the many variations of her line and a unique digital shopping experience. Stay on the lookout for this serial entrepreneur. You never know what the new decade will bring from Vorotova. Whether she uses her stage name or government name behind all she has to offer, Vorotova is a force to be reckoned with having brains of innovation and experience in the digital market! Be sure to keep an eye out.

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