Desiree Perez Gets Tidal Off to Great Start

Desiree Perez wears many hats and she has gained many comparisons over the years of working with Jay-Z. Some people have compared her to the character named Cookie from “Empire.” Others have actually compared her to Jay-Z. She is a strong-willed woman that knows what she wants and she takes the time to strategically go after it. She has been tapped to take a real strong look at what I do is doing and make some adjustments for Tidal.  Additional article on

What many people will realize is that Desiree Perez is part of the circle of influence for Jay Z. There are other people in his circle, but Desiree Perez appears to be the one that is helping him sort things out with Tidal right now. She has been very instrumental in helping him carve out a path for artists that are trying to maximize their deals and increase their net worth. Desiree Perez has been known to be an expert negotiator, and her skills have allowed her to gain entry into a world that other people would been excluded from.  More of this on She doesn’t have any fancy degrees or any type of extensive experience in marketing a music streaming service, but she’s loyal. She has skills to negotiate, and this has proven to be more than enough to get Tidal to a new plateau.

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Music streaming is a business that changes with the times, and everyone appears to be looking for the next big innovation. It is quite obvious that there’s a reason that Tidal has become the business that has become a threat for Apple & Spotify.  Check for related news.  Tidal was in the shadows but it appears that this is truly a company that one must look out for. Jay-Z has his secret weapon and she is ready to work hard to get results.

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