Deirdre Baggot Made a Legacy by Innovating Bundled Payments Plan

Deirdre Baggot is great figure in the healthcare department. She has made a legacy through her innovation. She innovated a bundled payment plan that has tremendously improved healthcare payment reform. Baggot pointed out that many people have little clue of the reality in handling and taking care of death ill patient. She also affirmed that she has always been working to develop and improve the quality of services related to taking care of a patient. Ms. Baggot accepts that the healthcare department greatly needs transformation. She also affirms that hospital errors rank number three in the factors that cause death in hospitals. She also has a staunch belief that this condition has to change. However, she is aware that nothing is likely to change until people decide to do something about it. Visit on her twitter for latest updates.

Deirdre Baggot also declares that she has a great passion towards entrepreneurship and that she is proud of helping many people through her career in the healthcare system. Her innovation, bundled payments system is consistently growing and expanding with time. This system has many benefits to both patients and hospital. It has dramatically helped to reduce cost which has in turn help to maintain the law readmission rates. The system has also improved the quality of service as it has become efficient and effective. This plan is also saving time since many things are quickly and directly done following the system without additional research.

Deirdre Baggot easily managed to become the best expert due to her innovation about bundled payment system. She has also authored more than 20 articles on the same subject. This has played a significant role in educating people about bundled Payment system. Ms. Baggot has also been in a leadership position for over ten years in Northernwest Memorial Hospital in Academic Healthcare and the University of Michigan Health System. She is highly recognized in the healthcare industry for her publications on Bundled payments plan, healthcare reform, and payment transformation.



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