David Giertz: Social Security Advocate

David Giertz has stated that there is a growing concern between the public and their financial advisers. He stated that financial advisers today are failing because of how they choose not to disclose any information about their clients’ social security. Social security is an important part of the American society, because this is where the public would get their everyday fund whenever they chose to retire. However, what happens is that financial advisers are being overwhelmed with the sheer number of rules for social security, and they are having a hard time taking up all of this information. The result is that their clients are the ones suffering because of the lack of information.



In the United States, according to David Giertz, people tend to switch new financial advisers after they have given them misinformation in handling their funds. The same thing applies whenever the clients found out that not enough information was provided to them about social security. In an instance, some people are losing money because their financial advisers have failed to educate them that withdrawing the funds too early would cost those hundreds of thousands of dollars. What David Giertz wanted is a more open communication between the clients and the financial advisers.



David Giertz is an American entrepreneur and corporate executive who have been in the financial industry for more than 30 years. He served as the Sales and Distribution Division President for the National Financial Company, and he was able to grow the profits tremendously, exceeding expectations. He also worked with the Financial Institutions Bank, serving as the leader and spearheading the growth of their profit. He also worked with the Citigroup in the past, entering as a financial adviser and slowly climbing the corporate ladder. He is now busy helping people with their financial problems and inquiries.

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