DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani – Dedicated To Youth Empowerment

Hussain Sajwani a property developer, renowned for founding DAMAC Properties which is a real estate company. Sajwani is devoted to promoting the education sector in the United Arab Emirates region in a bid to ensure young people have access to quality education regardless of their financial backgrounds. He opines that promoting the quality of education in the United Arab Emirates is the only way through which the region can achieve a bright future.

Sajwani has launched a number of initiatives, with one of the most notable being the One Million Arab Coders Initiative. The venture is devoted to giving young people the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the different computer and coding programs. Through this, Sajwani posits that UAE will grow to become the region with some of the leading coding experts in the world.

Hussain Sajwani is dedicated to having the program achieve great milestones, which is why he invests a lot of effort and partners with experts to ensure the initiative is a success. Besides, as he asserts science and innovation are integral constituents of the global community and as such, should be addressed with the seriousness they deserve.

Sajwani is also committed to seeing the initiative be a success because he believes it will not only benefit the current generation, but also the succeeding generations. Notably, after the initiative was incepted there were approximately 100,000 beneficiaries, with each program lasting three months. The first batch of students finished their course in April 2018.

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, projects to train at least one million individuals, which explains why the name of the program is One Million Arab Coders Initiative. Sajwani’s commitment is evidenced by his company DAMAC Properties, which was ranked by Forbes as the fastest growing international company in 2017.

Sajwani is also committed to giving back to the society. For instance, he supported the Ramadhan initiative of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid which sought to clothe and feed 1 million children who came from needy backgrounds. During this initiative, his company, DAMAC Properties donated AED two million. Hussain Sajwani also give a donation of AED one million to the campaign dubbed UAECompassion which was aimed at supporting refugees in Lebanon and Jordan.

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