Cotemar Mexico, Oil and Gas Industry Leader

Cotemar is a leading Mexican company founded in 1979; it serves the gas and oil industry in different capacities. Its location is in Ciudad del Carmen, a city in the southwest of the Mexican state. In the industry, Cotemar performs vital functions with subdivisions of each function as critical to the success of operational as the others. In 1996 the company boosted its transport services and had several accomplishments including the expansion of its market presence.

The company believes in the following:

-In everything they do, they are driven by a culture of excellence.

-The welfare of people and a working environment which is safe is paramount to the company’s operation

-The outcome of combining a strong team with a client oriented approach will give the company best results.

The company focuses on developing a world-class workforce to ensure their service quality is excellent. To source the best staff, they have partnered with some of the key players in the industry. They have a development program and training for the staff which equips them with the latest competencies. Working at Cotemar is truly an opportunity which is unique as it provides an environment which is challenging both rewarding and enlightening.

The company specializes in:

-Offshore construction and maintenance

-Maritime services

-Specialized Ships

– Petroleum Services

Cotemar serves its customers through 3 strategic divisions. Some of Cotemar’s service units are as follows:

Specialized Maritime Vessels Services

The company has vessels that transport materials which are lightweight, nourishments as well as personnel. It also boasts of vessels whose sole purpose is hauling structures that are large. They include firefighting vessels, towing vessels, and barges boat. In accordance with the company’s standards, all the vessels are inspected thoroughly and monitored, so the safety of all individuals on board is guaranteed.

Catering and Accommodation

Cotemar’s rigs and vessels offer offshore accommodation and catering. Services provided in this case, include cleaning of common areas, laundry services, nourishment, and bedding services. The semi-submersible rigs used by the company to provide these services can be relocated to provide accommodation.

In such cases, the rigs used have can host between 450 and 800 guests. They have recreational areas including cinemas, TV rooms, basketball court, and gyms. They also have quality standards of health control. Cotemar guarantees the safety of its staff but and that of its customers by observing such standards.

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