Clayton Hutson- An Expertise In His field.

A business owner and entrepreneur, Clayton Hutson has been making his presence felt in the music community for quite some time. Currently he is a business owner that provides services for musicians and those that organize events. He has put together an impressive resume that includes experience as a sound engineer, and project manager. His experience has allowed him to learn the business inside and out and even create his own production company.

Clayton Hutson has had the opportunity to work with some of music’s biggest names including Kid Rock, Pink and Guns N’ Roses. Throughout his career he has played a major role in managing, producing and directing many live tours. Hutson’s genre of expertise is rock music. Hutson was part of the major 2005 world tour called “Bleed Like Me.” Hutson was the monitor engineer for a tour that traveled to North America, Europe, and Australia. Hutson was also a part of the Honda Civic Tour where he was the operator of the rigging system for One Republic. Recently Hutson sat down with ideamensch to discuss his career and how he has achieved his success.

Clayton Hutson’s idea for his company came out of his experience. For years he worked in tour production and perfected his skill set. This allowed him to master multiple aspects of live entertainment. He eventually believed he had what it would take to start his own company, and he took that leap of faith.

Hutson’s typical day can be very busy. If he stage management, a typical day can start around 6:30am. Hutson arrives before everyone else, going through his schedule and inspecting the venue. He does a walk-through of the entire day including the set breakdown at the end of the day. He works tirelessly to insure that he produces a great show.

Hutson is determined to have success in the future. He is always working to stay several paces ahead of everyone else on the team. One piece of advice that he gives is to always be brutally honest with himself and with others, regardless of the situation.

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