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The Educational world is full of increasing opportunities for the young entrepreneur to create a product or service for teachers, parents, and students to connect in a real way. Educational Technology is on the move creating communication platforms that are all about empowerment. Educational Technology startups present great investment opportunities for investors too. In fact, the previous year was a great year for investing in forward looking Educational Technology programs like ClassDojo. What do platforms like ClassDojo have in common with other successful Educational Technology programs? It’s simple, they’ve learned to listen to educators, parents, teachers, and students. This is the only way to provide them with programs they truly desire.

ClassDojo Listens

ClassDojo really listens to parents to educators. The co-founder of ClassDojo is Sam Chadhary. The fact is that ClassDojo solves a real problem that is experienced by thousands of teachers, students, and parents. It is the lack of communication between the groups outside of the parent teacher conference. This is the type of communication problem that is ready for ground up changes. The fact is that you would have to be connected with the educational environment to realize that a strong communication platform is required to create a community that helps to further create a positive culture in the classroom. Today, the ClassDojo communication platform is overwhelmingly used in the majority of schools in the United States at the K-8 level.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is an amazing communication platform that is designed to build a community and relationships between teachers, students, and parents. They’ve built a piece of Technology that helps parents, students, and teachers share information about a student’s activities at their school. This is rapid fire and frequent communication that is light years beyond the traditional teacher conference meeting that is designed to keep parents up to date on a student’s activities. The platform is all about building a community and supporting learning in the schools. Class Dojo has been around since 2011 helping to establish school communities and bringing them together through their platform.

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