Chris Burch: Forging Ahead to a Successful Future with Fashion Tech

The fashion and tech industry have witnessed numerous changes through the years. The only constant factor is that both trades grow together. Over time, they grew to complement one another. The growth journey has been fascinating, with a glimpse of the past casting a bright light on the promising future of fashion and technology.


Currently, the fusion of fashion and technology has already taken place. Fashion designers create possibilities with technology on what sells, bringing a higher standard in functionality and innovation. Dutch fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht merges technology with fashion statements. She is famous for her experimental designs. She created a drink-making dress, the DareDroid and the self-painting dress, the Pseudomorphs.


The Future


Other technological fashion advances were designed to protect us. Anna Haupt and counterpart, Terese Alstin, created airbags for cyclists that pop up out to protect one’s head from injuries. Firefighters find great protection by wearing frontline gloves, designed by Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon. The tech gloves allow firefighters to alert each other using hand gestures.


Designers have also taken to the use of recycled materials to create fabulous fashions. SegraSegra recycled bicycle inner tubes to design cool jackets and t-shirts. Emma Whiteside used a recycled copper radiator to create a long gown. Fashion and technology when fused, create energy as seen with Soledad Martin’s shoe prototype that charges a cell phone while on the move.


The once dull black framed Google Glasses received a boost from designer Diane Von Furstenberg who included them in one of her shows making them an instant hit afterward. As we can see, technology and fashion can help one another grow. Technology contributes to creating beautiful, functional trends.


About Chris Burch


Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur with diversified business interests including technology, real estate, and fashion. Burch started his career at Ithaca College in 1976, where he launched a business, Eagles Eye, with his brother and partner, Bob. The startup grew to accrue over $160 million before the partners sold it.


Chris runs his company called Burch Creative Capital. He has contributed to the success of technology and extravagant brands including + Universe Faena Hotel, Poppin, Jawbone, and Voss Water. He was on the boards of The Continuum Group, Guggenheim Capital, and the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation. He has donated funds to various research foundations and philanthropic courses at Mt. Sinai Hospital, The Sumba Foundation as well as NYU Langone.


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