Chris Brown Call Cops on Stalker

Chris Brown is one of the most famous and entertaining male R&B singers that the world has ever seen. He took the world by storm in the mid 2000s, and every girl wanted to be with him. However, Chris Brown’s notoriety quickly changed from good to evil.

Chris Brown was in a highly publicized relationship with Rihanna, and that relationship ruined his life forever. For some reason, Chris Brown decided to brutally beat Rihanna with his fists, and the event went viral. Pictures of Rihanna’s battered and swollen face cover the front page of every media outlet. Everyone began to look at Chris Brown has a monster, and people still hate him to this day. However, there are still many women out there that fantasize and dream about dating Chris Brown.

Recently, a stalker was found in Chris Brown’s home completely naked. This story almost sounds too crazy to be real, but it is. Apparently a female fan watched over Chris Brown’s every move, and she eventually found his home address. She thought that walking into his house completely naked would be the best way to meet the star. However, Chris Brown decided to call the police, and he recently stated that the stalker wanted to sleep with him. For more information on this story, visit TMZ. To get Celebrity doctor, Dr. Daniel Amen’s opinion you can watch his video on YouTube.

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