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Securus Technologies Has Our Prison Safer than Ever

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Even when I first started working in our local state prison, the biggest problem we had was issues with gang violence. Not only will these inmates commit crimes in jail without any regard to their sentences getting extended, many times they will focus their aggression on officers who are just trying to keep everyone behind…

Securus Technologies Shaping the Future of Correctional Industry

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Securus Technologies has played a critical role in the way the correctional industry has been able to shape itself in the last few years. The company started its operations around three decades back and since then has been able to win the hearts of the millions of inmates who it helped reconnect with its friends…

Why Securus Technologies Is a Great Program

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Securus Technologies has been impacting the lives of people, as it offers a convenient form of communications for inmates and visitor, while simultaneously providing law enforcement a tool which they can utilize to potentially solve crimes by utilizing the conversations that occur between the parties who utilize it.   The customer service representatives of Securus…

Securus Saves Police Manpower

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The most impressive thing about Securus Technologies latest software innovation is how much manpower it saves. After all, law enforcement officers are public employees. They are paid with the general public’s tax money. Any way to save through law enforcement efficiency can save the public a lot of money.   The most recent software innovation…

Global Tel-Link vs Securus: A Stark Contrast

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I am going to tell you a tale of two companies. These companies do the same thing by providing telecommunications services to prison and jail facilities. They do this with prison contracts, making them the monopoly holder over telecommunications services in that facility. Global Tel-Link is a publicly traded company that brings in over $500…


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