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Vincent Parascandola – An Award Winner

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AXA is transnational insurance company focusing on investment management among other financial services. The company is a run as a conglomerate, which adheres to the rules and regulations of the specific country of operation. It is the largest insurance brand in the world and the second financial services company after Barclays. Since its foundation in…

Eric Lefkofsky: An Entrepreneur King Still Dedicated to the Community

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Eric Lefkofsky is a popular and well known business entrepreneurwho grew up in the city of Southfield, Michigan. All throughout his studies at the University of Michigan and University of Michigan Law School (for law, obviously), Lefkofsky invested and poured into many different business opportunities, including Brandon Apparel in Wisconsin and starting an internet company…

Satellite Radio Breaking New Country Music Acts

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An article well worth reading is on the Rolling Stone Magazine online site and is called How Satellite Radio is Breaking Country’s Next Big Stars. The article explains how satellite radio has been key to breaking new acts like Florida Georgia Line and Clare Dunn. Traditionally, the only real way to become a country star was to impress…

Lil’ Wayne Still In Cash Money Drama

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  It should be well known to many now, that Lil’ Wayne has grievances with his label, and stated that he wants out. His album was supposed to come out over a month ago, and it’s been delayed many times over, with no release date in sight. Lil’ Wayne’s Manager. After Lil’ Wayne came out,…

Snoop Dogg’s New Album Produced by Pharrel Williams

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Pharrel and Snoop Dogg have collaborated to make some great songs and albums in the past and this collaboration continues into this year with a superb new album from Snoop. In the article Snoop Dogg talks about the credit he gives to Pharrel and the way they both love making albums together.  Pharrel did a…


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Dr. Dre’s newest album has changed everything that many people thought or knew about hip-hop in a flicker. This is all due to the amazing work of the former electro producer from West Coast. The Chronic rediscovered the sound from the West Coast made by the Beach Boys of Baby Boomers who turned Death Row…

Kim Kardashian Being Chastized For Cropping Out Her Daughter

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Sometimes it’s just better not to be famous. It seems like no matter what Kim Kardashian does, she is scrutinized for it. Kim K. Cropped Picture. Recently, Kim put out an Instagram photo of herself, but obviously you could see that she was holding her daughter as well, but she was cropped out of the…

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