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A Comprehensive Overview of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation

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The Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF) is a reputable non-profit organization that operates under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our goal is to inspire young children through educational initiatives. These initiatives are captivating, fun, and interactive. More importantly, they provide a means through which children can explore their talents in the world of…

NuoDB- The Catalyst Behind the SQL Database Transformation

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NuoDB is an SQL database company that was established in 2008. This company was originally named NimbusDB. Jim Starkey was a co-founder of NuoDB. The developer and marketer of NuoDB is NuoDB Inc. As a NewSQL database, NuoDB resembles a typical SQL database. A modern elastic SQL database, such as NuoDB, offers nonstop availability. Data…

Bruce Bent II’s Commitment to the Double Rock Corporation

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The Double Rock Corporation has been in business for many years but Bruce Bent II has only been the president for a short time. In that time, he has managed to make things easier for those who are a part of the company and that has brought some major changes to the way that things…

Talos Energy Has Hit The Ground Running In The Mexican Oil And Gas Industry

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The oil and gas industry is one of the most profitable sectors of the global economy. Many enterprises have ventured into the oil and gas market, but only a few such Talos Energy manage to survive in such a competitive and dynamic field. Talos Energy is a privately held oil and gas exploration firm that…

Avaaz Means Global Activism

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At the forefront of global activism, Avaaz is a civic organization with a big agenda. This includes human rights, climate change, poverty, animal rights, conflict and corruption. Founded in 2007 in the United States of America, Avaaz is considered to be a large and powerful citizen activist network online, according to The Guardian. The name…

The Kabbalah Centre and the Spiritual Quest

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The Kabbalah Center is an organization that is non-profit that makes the standards of Kabbalah relevant and understandable to daily existence. The Kabbalah Center instructors offer learners with spiritual tools in regard to kabbalistic rules that learners can apply necessarily to enhance their own lives and thus, improve the world. The Center was established by…

NuoDB Database Tech

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Have you ever wanted to take your database to the next level? With the technology industries booming and the on-demand requirements from growing business NuoDB is definitely your go to for a smart database. With NuoDB you will get to reduce the time to market, increase agility, lower total cost of ownership, and guaranteed customer…

Vincent Parascandola – An Award Winner

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AXA is transnational insurance company focusing on investment management among other financial services. The company is a run as a conglomerate, which adheres to the rules and regulations of the specific country of operation. It is the largest insurance brand in the world and the second financial services company after Barclays. Since its foundation in…

Eric Lefkofsky: An Entrepreneur King Still Dedicated to the Community

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Eric Lefkofsky is a popular and well known business entrepreneurwho grew up in the city of Southfield, Michigan. All throughout his studies at the University of Michigan and University of Michigan Law School (for law, obviously), Lefkofsky invested and poured into many different business opportunities, including Brandon Apparel in Wisconsin and starting an internet company…

Satellite Radio Breaking New Country Music Acts

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An article well worth reading is on the Rolling Stone Magazine online site and is called How Satellite Radio is Breaking Country’s Next Big Stars. The article explains how satellite radio has been key to breaking new acts like Florida Georgia Line and Clare Dunn. Traditionally, the only real way to become a country star was to impress…

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