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How the New J.Cole Album Came to Be

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While J.Cole was on a low profile in 2014, he managed to document the path to his successful “2014 Forest Hills Drive” with one journalist in the background. Cole reached out to Rikki Martinez to highlight the build up to an album release.It may have seemed like J.Cole was keeping a low profile, but he…

Lawyers of Pharrell Williams Threaten $1 Billion Lawsuit against YouTube

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A new organization, dubbed Global Music Rights, is threatening to take legal action against Google for hosting copyrighted material from Pharrell Williams, The Eagles, John Lennon and many others. This group, headed by music industry mastermind Irving Azoff, is contesting many blanket licenses which Google claims to possess for the artists they represent.  They offered…

Best of R&B in 2014

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Rolling Stone has managed to create several lists that have been buzzing. They talked about the top singles and the top albums, but now the staff has another list. This list contains the best R&B albums in 2014. The funny thing about the list from Rolling Stone is that it often presents albums that the general public…


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