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Snoop Dogg Collaborates With Raekwon

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Snoop Dogg has joined Wu Tang member Raekwon for a collaboration. The “Doggfather” will appear on Raekwon’s new album, which is titled ‘Fly International Luxurious Art.’ Raekwon has previously made five solo albums. His sixth and latest album will feature countless guest appearances, but Snoop Dogg is the highest profile artist that is featured alongside…

Snoop Dogg Returns with Pharrell Williams

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  Snoop appeared to be going through an identity crisis for the last several years. He is a rapper that changed his name to Snoop Lion and appeared to have given up rap. Snoop Lion made a documentary. Some people say that it was a publicity stunt. Others say that it was just Snoop being…

Message from Eminem’s Old Friend

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Eminem the most popular and most explosive rap artist is now in the news again. Recently his humorous cameo in the movie “The Interview”, he confessed that he is gay and that statement made a huge mark all over the world in a funny manner. Old friend of “Slim Shady”, Young Zee, said some stinging…

Tyga Files For Full Custody of Chiro

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The Amen Clinic reports that Tyga has been seen partying and running the town with his girlfriend Kylie Jenner but he has made sure to keep an eye on his son’s mother and one thing he do not approve of is her wild partying and public twerking every chance she gets. Tyga has spoken publicly…

Nicki Minaj And Safaree Breakup Drama

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Nicki Minaj has had a very bittersweet year, on one hand you have her successful clothing lines, fragrances, movie cameos, updated hair and makeup look and her brand new album along with a basket full of new hit singles. Recently Nicki shared her heartache over her recent breakup with her boyfriend of 12 years Safaree….

Nicki Minaj Has Many Lyrical Sons

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In rap music there are many different terms to learn if you’re going to understand the music that you’re hearing. Nicki Article. Nicki Minaj is no stranger to slang, and she tends to use it a lot in her music. After analyzing many of her songs, it seems as if Nicki has many different “sons,”…

Charli XCX Interview

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Charli XCX is a singer that recently did a “Live From MTV” performance, and many things were learned on that night about the artist. Charli decided to disclose some things about herself, and some of them will make you laugh, and some of them might even be a bit gross. Charli XCX Interview. Charli states that…

The Unstoppable Reign of Drizzy Drake

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It is a nickname that he rarely uses anymore, but Drizzy was Drake’s nickname during his early rap days. At that time Drake called himself Drizzy on the plethora of mix tapes that he released. He seemed to be an artist that was hungry for fame and eager to get to the top. He showed…

How Drake Stole 2014

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According to Brian Torchin and, there are some artists that were expected to shine in 2014. People were waiting patiently on a Taylor Swift album so her reign was not that unexpected. Beyonce released her album – secretly – at the very end of 2013 so it was only natural for people to expect…


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