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Betsy DeVos Underlines Some Of The Bipartisan Difficulties With Getting Educational Choice Legislation Passed

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Betsy DeVos is a reform-minded woman who has been trying to change the educational system of the United States for many years. It is her hope that the nation will eventually adopt educational choice, which allows public funds that normally pay for public education for children to also pay for their tuition into private and…

Adam Milstein Discusses The Three Noes Policy In His Latest Article

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Adam Milstein provides both philanthropic and charitable services to numerous organizations to provide the Jewish people with strength. The services he provides include fundraising, partnership development, consulting and support programs. His focus is on Jewish education, Jewish continuity, the state of Israel, and Pro-Israel advocacy. Adam Milstein employs a philanthropic philosophy consisting of three principles….

Civil Human and Migrant Rights

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There are very many groups whose main aim is to fight and advocate for civil human and migrant rights. These groups are distributed all over the country. Some of the most instrumental human rights organizations include: Amazon watch This is a group that is based in San Francisco. It targets the amazon Basin. The group…

George Soros Uses Past Experience to Help People Out

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When George Soros decides to do something, he makes sure that he is doing it the right way and that he is going to be able to change the world with it. He also makes sure that it is going to be beneficial to people in the United States so that they can get the…

The Philanthropy And Social Causes Of Jason Hope

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Jason Hope is a guru and consultant who is known his amazing business related technology predictions. Many companies rely on him for his insight and amazing wisdom pertaining to his insights on tech and business. Jason Hope is also known for his philanthropic causes. Most companies, business leaders and their employees are often involved with…

Dick DeVos Now Hires A New CEO At The Windquest Group

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Dick DeVos will still be overseeing most of the company operations at The Windquest Group, his Grand Rapids, MI investment and distribution firm. But he’s appointed a new CEO, Phil Dolci to take over the firm’s subsidiary The Stow Company, Inc. He’s succeeding the former CEO of this DeVos-owned company, Frank Newman who announced he’ll…


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