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Another Usher and Chris Brown Collaboration

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  When a collaboration brings forth a Grammy nod there is only one logical thing that a duo can do: make another song together and hope for the same level of success. Chris Brown and Usher are back again to make female fans swoon with a heartbreaking track about lost love. It’s a perfect duet from…

Almost 30 Years and Beastie Boys Are Still Ready to Ill

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  Do you remember “Brass Monkey” or “No Sleep Til Brooklyn” from your younger years? If you grew up in the 1980’s, odds are that you do remember these songs from the band Beastie Boys’ Licensed to Ill album, which was released in 1986. Ad Rock, MCA and Mike D of the band were the…

Kanye West and Diddy Make Music in the Studio “All Day”

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Diddy announced Tuesday that he’ll spend the next “12 months only” producing Kanye West and other artists. MTV News how has footage of Kanye and Diddy fine tuning “All Day,” a single Kanye premiered at the BRIT awards. In the studio, Kanye talked about his daughter and bossed musical staff around. Pusha T, who has…

More Trouble for Robin Thicke

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Ever since Robin Thicke recorded and released “Blurred Lines” his life has been a roller coaster ride. The song became a huge hit and brough Robin more fame and fortune than he ever could have imagined. His lows were much greater than his highs though. After the song was released Robin would later get divorced,…

Drake Drama with Diddy Continues

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Over the holidays we all got the shocking news that Drake was attacked outside of a L.A. nightclub by Diddy. While at time it only took a few days for Drake to reappear into the spotlight, sources insisted that Diddy did a number on Drake because he had to go directly to the hospital following…

Kanye West, Drake and Big Sean Team Up for Power Collab

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  Big Sean will release his third studio album in less than a month and he is not letting anyone forget about it. His latest single ‘IDFWU‘ has already enjoyed major commercial success in the past couple of months and now he released another single featuring not only one, but two current rap gods. The…

Satellite Radio Breaking New Country Music Acts

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An article well worth reading is on the Rolling Stone Magazine online site and is called How Satellite Radio is Breaking Country’s Next Big Stars. The article explains how satellite radio has been key to breaking new acts like Florida Georgia Line and Clare Dunn. Traditionally, the only real way to become a country star was to impress…

Snoop Dogg Returns with Pharrell Williams

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  Snoop appeared to be going through an identity crisis for the last several years. He is a rapper that changed his name to Snoop Lion and appeared to have given up rap. Snoop Lion made a documentary. Some people say that it was a publicity stunt. Others say that it was just Snoop being…

Macklemore Planning to Release a New album in 2015

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Macklemore was one of the leading rappers in the music industry in 2013 with two pair of smash hits. “Same Love” and “Thrift Shop” were really popular among the fans. However, he and his producer Ryan Lewis and Christian Broda have not dominated the charts and conversations in last two years. This lull in activity,…

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Kanye West New Song It is a new year for Ben Shaoul and for Kanye West and this means it is a chance to release a new single. The name of the single is “Only One” and is a collab with the legendary Beatle musician, Paul McCartney. The song is soft and sweet, using lots…

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