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Jay Z’s Tidal Service Might Lose Beyonce

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 In the wacky world of “show Business” here’s an ironic twist. Jay Z’s Tidal music streaming service might lose Beyonce, Jay Z’s wife, if an agreement isn’t met for upfront advances for the rights to have Sony music artists on Tidal. Tidal was counting on funds from a deal with Sprint to help finance the advances companies…

Katy Perry Has Moved On

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 Katy Perry and Russell Brand were one of the most adorable celebrity couples of all time. Sadly, the couple broke apart 3-years ago, and Katy Perry still has ill feelings for her ex-husband. Apparently, Katy is not over the divorce, and it’s because of the way that Russell Brand broke the news to her.  …

Hillary Comes Back Into the Spotlight

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Everybody is growing up these days. A grown up Justin Bieber is set to bring a new album back to fans this summer. Miley is on the verge of new music. Ariana Grande is set to get back into the studio. Hillary Duff will not be outdone. She is another childhood star that is getting…

Mariah Gets Candid About Her Marriage During Vegas Show

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Mariah Carey is ready to put the past behind her and move on from the drama and pain that is he marriage and divorce. At one point it seemed like Mariah’s career was going to sink like the Titanic at the hands of her divorce, but like only Mariah can she has taken her difficult…

Mariah Takes Vegas

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Mariah Carey is without a doubt one of the legends of her genre, there isn’t one singer that can match Mariah’s talent. Looking at Mariah’s career you can’t deny that she has stood the test of time. Now Mariah is taking her show to Vegas and she isn’t going to skip a beat, at the…

Nick Jonas Misses Miley Cyrus?

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Nick Jonas recently released a controversial song. In the song, Nick sings about dating a musician in the past, and that the situation became so complicated. Fans believe that his ex girlfriend Miley Cyrus was the subject of Nick’s new song. Nick Jonas was very young when he dated Miley, and she was still the…

Madonna and Drake respond to Coachella kiss images

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Fans at the Coachella Festivalwe re shocked by the appearance of Madonna during Drake’s set at the California based festival, The Independent reports. The appearance of the Queen of Pop as Drake performed his song Madonna was a surprise for many who were equally as shocked when Madonna and Drake shared a long kiss on…

Madonna Kisses Drake

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The buzz is all over the Internet. Madonna kissed Drake at Coachella. This has become the subject of talks shows and forums. Twitter was blowing up with comments. Memes are being created. Much of the buzz has to do with Drake’s reaction. Madonna gave Drake this long extended kiss that clearly involved her tongue. She…

Another Usher and Chris Brown Collaboration

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  When a collaboration brings forth a Grammy nod there is only one logical thing that a duo can do: make another song together and hope for the same level of success. Chris Brown and Usher are back again to make female fans swoon with a heartbreaking track about lost love. It’s a perfect duet from…

Almost 30 Years and Beastie Boys Are Still Ready to Ill

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  Do you remember “Brass Monkey” or “No Sleep Til Brooklyn” from your younger years? If you grew up in the 1980’s, odds are that you do remember these songs from the band Beastie Boys’ Licensed to Ill album, which was released in 1986. Ad Rock, MCA and Mike D of the band were the…

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