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UUsing Equities First Holdings Stock Based Loans to Get Ahead

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Many people have never heard of stock-based loans let alone know what they are and how they work. This is something that the folks at Equities First Holdings came up with and they have been using these to help companies that are looking for a loan but do not want to go the way of…

Peter Briger is a Key Figure in SoftBank’s Purchase of Fortress Investment Group

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Fortress Investment Group is celebrating 20 years in business as a private equity firm. It was founded by current principals Randal Nardone and Wes Edens, and its third founding member, Rob Kauffman, retired in 2012. Peter Briger has worked for Fortress Investment Group since 2002 and is now the firm’s third principal. The firm specializes…

Fortress Investment Group Funds The Next Surge In Public Wi-Fi Availability

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Fortress Investment Group is known around the world as a leader in investment management. The company currently has almost 2,000 clients and over $40,000,000 under their managerial control. This is an astounding feat for a company that has been in business for just over twenty years. This growth, however, is sure to expand even more…

Randal Nardone Steers Fortress Investment Group To The Top

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Fortress Investment Group’s CEO, Randal Nardone, has spent a huge chunk of his career at the asset management firm. The accomplished businessman went to the University of Connecticut where he successfully attained a BA in Biology and English. He later joined the University of Boston and he got his J.D. in Law.He began his career…

Fortress Investment Group Under New Management

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The market has become so unpredictable in the recent times. Every investor, regardless of their location in the world, is looking for a way of ensuring they are getting good profits on their investments, regardless of the challenges available. If you have been keen in the financial services department, you will realize that the competition…

Gobuyside, The Recruiting Titan

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With the internet now being a massive part of our lives, Gobuyside is using this technological advantage of making recruiting much faster and easier for those whose work life is in the finance industry. GoBuyside Highlights the Rising Importance of Technology in Talent Recruitment and Selection — GoBuyside (@gobuyside) April 6, 2018 In doing…


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