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Benefit Commercial Featuring Dogs And Owners

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There are quite a few people who have been featured in Beneful ads with their pets, and these commercials speak to the deep dedication and connection between pets and their owners. This article shows in-brief how these Benefulcommercials have been created, and it explains how this brand is far superior to all others. #1: Why…

The Flavorful and Profitable Explosion of Premium Pet Foods

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When you think pet food, chances are you picture small, dry round pieces lacking any real flavor. It would probably surprise you to learn that many start up dog food companies are focusing on the “eat like your owner” strategy. Companies like Freshpet Inc., Blue Buffalo Co., and Mars’ Cesar Home Delights are changing the…

Beneful Prepared Meals Helps Terrier to Recover

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My dog Max is a beautiful Border Terrier, with trademark floppy ears and a golden brown coat. Max has a one of a kind personality, feisty, playful and full of energy, he keeps my four year old busy and out of my way while I go about my household chores. But one day, all that…

Dogs and Owners Keep Each Other Happy and Healthy

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Developing a strong bond with a dog can be one of most pleasant experiences a family can have. The keys to longevity in any breed of dog involve exercise, proper care, and a great diet. Pets have to rely on their owners to make good choices, which is why dog ownership is a very serious…

Beneful Puppy Food Is Great For My Three New Puppies

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I had a great dog that I loved so much. The dog was pregnant, and I didn’t know that she would be breeding at any time. Some time had passed, and I remembered not seeing the dog for a whole day. I searched everywhere for my dog, but I couldn’t find her. I swore that…

Narrowing Down the Different Types of Dog Food in Stores

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One very important thing a dog owner needs to do is feed his dog. Fortunately, most stores that sell food has a pet section for dog food. There are different varieties of dog food from different companies. Overall, there is dry dog food. There is also canned dog food. The dog owner has plenty of…

Beneful : the perfect Dog food

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When it comes to a happy, healthier dog, beneful offers the perfect solution. For years now, Purina has managed to provide solution to a question that has been a bother in many homes. As far as dog food is concerned, people now have to worry less about satisfaction and healthy well being of man’s best…


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