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Gulf Coast Western Has Developed An Impressive Legacy Of Excellence Over Its Extensive History:

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It was during the 1979 calendar year that Gulf Coast Western was first founded in the Texas city of Dallas. The company has gone on to develop an impressive business, operating in the area of gas and oil venturing. The Gulf Coast Western ability to forge valuable partnerships over the years and honor those partnerships…

Talos Energy Benefits Greatly From Stone Energy Merger

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The completion of the merger between Talos Energy Inc. and Stone Energy Corporation sent out shockwaves that could be felt throughout the energy and production industry. Skeptics of the decision on the part of Talos CEO Tim Duncan to seek the merger cited the immense size of Stone Energy and the company’s bankrupts status is…

Accomplishments And Success Of Entrepreneur Vinod Gupta

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Vinod Gupta is a reputable and successful business person that was born in 1946 in a small village. The village that he was brought up was a resemblance of poverty since there were no amenities such as transportation, modern infrastructure, electricity, water and many other modern amenities. He attended a local high school and received…


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