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Heather Parry Making a Difference

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All of us hired Dón Argott while the movie director and because they were capturing théy transformed the theory. They called me personally plus they stated, ‘This is usually what we believe that it is. ’ And We stated, ‘I like that. ’ Dan wished to tell his tale showing how he was sick and…

Sahm Adrangi Uncovered Suspicious Business Practices

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Kerrisdale Capital Management is an investment company that focuses on long-term value investments and event-driven special situations. The recent news involving the company made some controversies on the investment market. Apparently, Kerrisdale Capital’s founder, Sahm Adrangi released a negative report against QuinStreet Inc. (NASDAQ: QNST). He uncovered the flawed and suspicious business practices of QuinStreet….

José Henrique Borghi Makes People Look at Marketing Differently

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Marketing is something that has evolved in a lot of ways over the years. There are a lot of marketing professionals that are going to look for ways to make an organization better. In many cases it comes down to building a solid consumer base where customers are going to patronize products continuously. Jose is…

José Borghi’s Meteoric Rise in the Advertising Industry

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One of the greatest challenges faced by advertising agencies and professionals is designing an ad that appeals to the emotions and the cognitive abilities of the targeted audiences. Such an ad must have the right mix of features extending beyond colors, words or pictures to achieve the desired outcome. Essentially, such a balanced ad requires…


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