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Newswatch TV reviews

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Newswatch TV has prided itself on working with various clients which include fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and small businesses. Newswatch has ensured that clients have achieved numerous successes within time frames provided. With a target goal of reaching 10000 dollars in just a month in the Indiegogo crowd funding campaign, Avanca partnered with Newswatch….

José Borghi’s Meteoric Rise in the Advertising Industry

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One of the greatest challenges faced by advertising agencies and professionals is designing an ad that appeals to the emotions and the cognitive abilities of the targeted audiences. Such an ad must have the right mix of features extending beyond colors, words or pictures to achieve the desired outcome. Essentially, such a balanced ad requires…

Nizan Guanaes Sells Grupo ABC in Billion-Dollar Merger

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Brazil, widely known as one of the most important emerging markets, is also one of the world’s most important advertising markets. As blue-chip companies desire a greater level of consistency in their advertising and promotional mixes across national boundaries, more international advertising conglomerates are stepping up their presence in new markets such as Brazil as the country continues to grow into a regional and international powerhouse. The Brazilian market is not limited to television and print advertising. Brazil was one of the first markets outside of the developed world to develop significant scale in the mobile industry, and as a result mobile advertising is an enormous business in the country, with a 90% growth in spending projected in 2016. The emphasis on mobile and Internet means that the leading agencies in these markets may be likely to be picked up in market consolidation. Nizan Guanaes’s Grupo ABC, the largest advertising firm in Brazil, was recently purchased by advertising giant Omnicom in a $1 billion acquisition deal. Grupo ABC was founded in 2002 by Guanes and has some of the most established brands in the world as clients. A native of Salvador, Brazil, Guanaes began his career at international agencies in Sao Paulo in 1985. He later founded Ig, one of Brazil’s leading Internet portals, before going on to found ABC. Nizan Guanaes was chosen as one of the 100 most creative people in the world by Fast Company magazine, as well as serving as a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador. He was also praised by GQ magazine as Man of the Year in Leadership in 2014. In the same year, IBOPE, the Brazilian national polling organization, published results showing Guanaes to be Brazil’s most trust marketing professional. Nizan Guanaes is undoubtedly one of the leading figures in the Brazilian advertising and marketing market.

White Shark Media and the Importance of Improvements

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Businessmen are always looking for improvements on their performance. This is one of the reasons why they go for advertising agencies like White Shark Media. White Shark Media is one of the most trustworthy and effective advertising agencies. However, even they have their shortcomings. The most important aspect of a good advertising agency is what…


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