Brazilian Law: Ricardo Tosto’s Cup of Tea

Brazil has quite a number of law schools: even more than USA. In each of the states in the country, there is a law school. The number of lawyers who graduate from these institutions is numerous. Law prestigious course in Brazil that takes one 5 years to graduate. Upon graduation, one is still not able to practice until after a stint at a law school. After law school it is possible to practice law.

It goes without saying that law is a rewarding profession. The traffic toward the law schools in the country are in part attributable to this dynamic. The lawyers judges prosecutors are all well remunerated. Ricardo Tosto, for instance, has a firm and is well established in the Brazilian legal circles.

Courts in Brazil

Each of the states in the country has judicial districts, composed of multiple municipalities. The courts of justice in the districts have their headquarters in each of the state’s capital. Each of the judicial districts has a trial court which has a law judge and a substitute. The judge makes the decisions alone in both the Brazilian civil criminal cases. A jury is used only in cases of murder and attempted murder. In some of the judicial districts, there are courts that hear family cases and bankruptcy. Where the case needs to be appealed, then they are taken to the second instance courts.

Ricardo Tosto’s Practice

Ricardo Tosto’s legal practice specializes in banking operations and commercial law. The practice also deals with business criminal law, credit restructuring and debt related cases. Ricardo Tosoto is also seasoned in litigation, civil law and electoral law. As a founding partner at Leite Tosto e Barros Advogados, Ricardo also handles political cases.

Other Pursuits

In the past, Ricardo Tosto worked as Grupo Rede’s advisor in matters of HR and legal management. He also served as president of a committee on judicial reform and modernization at OAB/SP. Ricardo Tosto is, until today, a member of IBA: International Bar Association. He also has a CESA, center for lawyer societies, membership as well as an IMD (institute for management development) membership. He is a founding member of the local institute for election law and political party studies otherwise known as IBEDEP.

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