Boris Feldman on Carlos Alberto de Oliviera Andrade

Since 1966, Boris Feldman has specialized in motor racing and vehicles and has been a host in a radio show known as “Car Talk” on various radio stations broadcasting across Brazil. On 5th August 2018, he spoke about Carlos Alberto de Oliviera Andrade, a businessman who founded CAOA which is the largest car manufacturer and distributor in Latin America.

As a point to note, CAOA was founded by Carlos in 1979. The company has grown to become a leader in the Brazilian auto industry and is present in each region in Brazil. Besides that, the company owns Hyundai, Subaru, and Ford dealerships. Also, the company is the only importer of Subaru and Hyundai cars in Brazil since the later 1990s. In one of the articles published by Feldman, he termed Dr. Carlos as an individual who generates a lot of controversies. In the same report, he said that apart from importing and selling automobiles, Carlos has invested extensively in establishing a factor in Annapolis.

When Feldman once interviewed the businessman, he enquired about his dream. In his response, Dr. Carlos indicated that his company already has a design agency in Italy which is developing a new and contemporary body for Tucson. Also, he stated that he was in talks with Fiat to give his firm a national engine which would be used to equip the new car. He further indicated that his dream was borrowed from the Koreans where they began to manufacture and copy Japanese products and later innovated their Korean vehicles.

When Feldman went to follow up with Dr. Carlos Alberto after six years, he found out that he did not copy the Koreans but opted to take over Chery’s operations and maintained the Chinese as partners. In Feldman’s opinion, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is reshaping the history of the Brazilian automobile sector which did not have a big national factory and only failed in different attempts. Also, Feldman believes that the businessman is not any other adventurer since he has experience in the sector that he operates. He also indicated that the investor represents crucial brands including the French Renault and American Ford.


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